Six weeks not wasted, the Anthem of the Seas

  A month is a long time to spend on a cruise ship, but we were passengers on the Anthem of the Seas from April 28 through 2 June, 2024 (with 2 days off from May 10-12 in Southampton, England, while a special Eurovison finale booze cruise took over the ship). That time period is long enough to really get to know the ship and its crew, and develop a routine. It's also long enough to get bored with some meal options and entertainment, so you need to be flexible and not expect the ship to entertain you 24/7. Luckily, Caroline and I are good at entertaining ourselves! We left New Jersey to begin a transatlantic cruise to Europe, meeting friends on the ship. Transatlantics tend to have fewer children and more experienced cruisers. These ship repositioning cruises (in this case, the Anthem was leaving its Caribbean itinerary for a European one) also tend to be less crowded. On the other hand, you have a week of open seas with no ports, thus no excursions. On our first sea day, our rout