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Time to explore the Caribbean!

So close, and yet so far!  The many islands of the Caribbean  have beckoned to me for decades, and life has now afforded Caroline and me the opportunity to visit a number of these special places.  Well, I hope we get to visit.  We are currently on the Celebrity Summit  which was scheduled to leave San Juan, Puerto Rico two days ago.  Yesterday morning, I woke up early to discover that we were not steaming to Saint Croix Island, but were still tied to the dock at the San Juan Cruise Port Terminal.  The captain announced that we either had navigation or propulsion computer issues.  Looks like those issues continue! The captain just made a ship-wide announcement.  "Our technical issues are taking a little longer than we expected."  Apparently we will leave tonight at 6 PM.  This also means our itinerary will be changed.  Good grief... we had lined up activities on every island, and now we have to make contact with each tour operator, bike rental shop, and dive shop and see w