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Cell phones in the locker room?

Some readers may remember a news item that flashed across the country (and world) in 2016, when Playboy model Dani Mathers published a selfie in a gym locker room with a nude 70 year old in the background, commenting "If I can't unsee this then you can't either."

Mathers lost her membership in the gym, her job as a radio host, and was charged with invasion of privacy.  She was convicted, and sentenced to 3 years of probation and 30 days of community service (graffiti removal), which she completed. In an interview posted after her sentencing, she stated, "When you’re told how much of a monster you are, it pushes you to look inside. I don’t ever want to be someone spitting hate. That’s really what I’ve learned. I also gained a lot of empathy and learned that everybody, at some point, has judged a person. Going through this past year and making it to the other side, I know I can handle almost anything."  Of course, her coach through this interview was a well kn…

Dogs in our parks


Ultramarathons may be all the rage, but the marathon is not for the slothful

I finished my ninth full marathon!  My friends Launi and Jim have each completed over 100.  Neighbor Chuck has run more than 50.  So, in some circles, I am just a novice.

I've run the Honolulu Marathon twice, the Salt Lake City Marathon twice, and the Top of Utah (TOU) Marathon five times now.  This year was the 20th anniversary of the TOU Marathon, and its last running.  The TOU Marathon has been sold to another company, so it will be rebranded and probably rerouted.

I can't capture the whole marathon experience in a blog, but I do want to give the reader a taste of the last TOU Marathon.

Training:  Well, I'm not one for giving advice on training.  In fact, my running has gotten more erratic as I've expanded my training schedule to include more cycling, swimming, and weight-lifting.  Regardless, for this marathon my last week included a 20 mile run on Sunday, followed by 8 miles on Wednesday (split between a 5 mile slow run in the morning, and a 3 mile fast run in the af…

Visiting the Mendocino Complex fire - a trip to an old research site.

The Mendocino Complex fire is now the largest fire ever to have occurred in California, consisting of two fires, the River Fire and the Ranch Fire. As I write this, the River Fire covers 48,920 acres, and is 100% contained. The larger Ranch Fire covers 366,086 acres, and containment is listed as 67%. It is already listed as the largest recorded fire complex in California history.

I spent the years 1986-1991 working at the Hopland Field Station, a University of California research station (and now called the UC Hopland Research and Extension Center).  We lived and worked on the station for 4 years, then moved about 8 miles north.  The River Fire actually started across the Russian River near Russian River Estates, a stone's throw from where we used to live.  

On our way to Mendocino County, we drove through Yosemite National Park.  Yosemite Valley was still closed because of fires, but it reopened soon after we passed through.

At the Hopland Field Station, we wanted to see the 3000 …