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Novel Distancing - the new normal

The phrase "social distancing" is now in everyone's vocabulary. Caroline tells me that the phrase is troubling to her, because social interactions are critical to our well-being, and people should avoid social isolation. In the Age of COVID-19, the trick is to socialize safely.  I think we will call it novel distancing... a new normal of distancing.  Socialize, yes.  But watch your spacing!

Novel distancing can be defined as increasing the physical space between people to avoid spreading illness. It should have no relationship to the degree of socialization between people.  For COVID-19, the prescribed distance is 6 feet, although I came across a World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation of only 3 feet!  The average arm length for an adult male is about 25 inches, and probably a tad less for women.  So in novel distancing, not only should you not be able to touch another person, but neither of you should be able to touch each other with your arms extended.  In other …

Covid-19 observations from the high risk camp...

At the time I write this, the coronavirus Covid-19 continues its march around the globe. I've written previously about my experience flying to Hawaii after 2 Caribbean cruises with thousands of passengers, including dozens (I assume) from China, and when arriving at HNL, I was "lyfted" home with nary a question on February 3. Later that week, I wrote to Dr. Bruce Anderson, the director of the Hawaii Department of Health, after attending a briefing at the Manoa Neighborhood Board meeting:

"As I listened to your presentation, I reflected that 3 days earlier, I had returned from a Caribbean cruise, with numerous people on board from Asian counties. Yet there was no question for me when I entered Hawaii. Perhaps the agricultural form that all visitors and residents are required to complete before entering the state needs to have a few questions regarding travel and health."

Dr. Anderson replied, "As far as I know, all airline and cruise ship passengers are infor…