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Would you want Homer Simpson to be your neighbor?

Okay, you've chosen a place to live, at least for a year or two. Maybe it was the location, or the proximity to school or work, or you've got some history in the area. Perhaps other family members live nearby, or the area is close to your favorite recreational areas. More practically, maybe the price was right, period. In any case, you've planted roots. One you’ve settled in, you realize that you’ve inherited neighbors. They may be people you knew in advance, or total strangers. You may share certain cultural attributes, or your neighbors may be very different from you in all kinds of ways. I once heard a talk from a person living in the wilderness of British Columbia. His nearest neighbor was 40 miles away, and that was about right for him. Some people may have, as neighbors, a Simpson-esque family. Sure, the Simpsons are a fictional family, living in the city of Springfield. The TV series debuted in 1989. One of the many uniquenesses of the family, and th