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Cougars killing and eating people. Why?

This cougar was killed after  attacking two mountain bikers in Washington, killing one.   On May 19, two mountain bikers were riding near North Bend, Washington, when they noticed a mountain lion (also called a cougar or puma) was following them.  I don't have the full details, but I've read that they stopped, yelled, put their bikes between them and the lion... things that almost all lion experts recommend to discourage an attack.  The lion persisted, however, grabbing one cyclist by the head, then chasing the other cyclist as that cyclist ran away.   T he first cyclist attacked got back on his bike, escaped, and called for help.  The second cyclist, Sonja J. Brooks, tragically, was found dead. “They stopped to confront the cougar, they did everything right, everything that we counsel people to do,” WDFW Captain Alan Myers said . “Do not play dead — fight back. Fight back with everything you’ve got,” he said. “In most instances, people survive attacks f