Signage, chapter 2

Reusable sign placed on parked bikes in Rock Creek Park, DC.  It looked like cyclists toss the signs to the ground.  They are picked up and used again!

The main purpose of signs is to communicate, to send a message.  Here are some recent messages!

This sign was at the entrance to one of the Smithsonian's museums.  No guns and knives, no pepper spray, and no pot!  I'm surprised that marijuana got a reference when tobacco did not.  

Bison as carbon farmers?  That's a great way to thank them, turning them into expensive jerky.

Sign posted in a Georgetown ice cream shop.  Watch for the rabid raccoon!

Posters on the wall in the George Washington University Law School's Student Bar Association office.


Well, it's not a sign, but who doesn't like ice cream?

Truth in advertising.

Caroline with sign honoring her Auntie BB.

Do Tahitians thank us for this import? French Polynesia has one of the highest rates of diabetes in the world.

I think this sign in Tahiti can be translated as, "Get your cat fixed, or you will end up with a lot more cats."

Written on wall, Auckland, NZ.

Do you think you would pay closer attention to your trash stream if you had to pay for each bag of trash?  Paihia, NZ.

Port Douglas, Australia.

Don't do this.  Cairns, Australia.

Translation issues.  Moana in New Caledonia.


Akaroa, NZ.

In Fremantle, Australia, it is called "dumpage."

Qualifications of early Western Australian colonizers.


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