Cruise ship art - observations from the Wonder of the Seas


Caroline and I were passengers on a transatlantic cruise (Florida to Barcelona) on the Royal Caribbean ship, the Wonder of the Seas.  There's a lot of art onboard, as you might expect from a floating hotel and amusement park. Each stateroom has some artwork, of course, but there is also art in the common areas: hallways, stairwells, and places where people congregate.

This blog is devoted to displaying some of the art that I saw practically every day, and usually multiple times per day, as I walked up and down the hallways and the stairs.

I don't claim that this sampling is any kind of random selection. However, I was struck by this recurring theme... unsmiling, young, mostly white women. Why this selection?  Who picks out this art?  Men and older women were rarely featured. 

Of course, art doesn't just get hung on walls.  I found it in the presentation of food, patterns on the carpet, and even in the playground.

I don't know what the women's restrooms looked like, but Big Brother (or his animal agents) were watching you in the men's restrooms! Perhaps this was a reminder to wash those hands.

And guests were treated to "towel art" in their rooms.


You can find art everywhere. Keep your eyes open.

Dishes in Cordoba, Spain.

Valencia, Spain.


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