The Logan Marathon, 2019!

A week ago, I completed the Logan Marathon.  This marathon is the replacement for the now-defunct Top of Utah marathon.  I didn't take any photos, but the marathon organizers had a photographer capture a few stills.  This is what the scenery looks like!

Trust me... this is really the start.  Note that I can run with my eyes closed!

I'm probably at about mile 17, returning to Logan.  I took off my jacket at mile 7.

One of the issues when there are only 300 runners spread out over 26.2 miles... "Hey, where is everyone?"

It's always uplifting to see runners you know!  Nan, Linda, and Maryanne shared their smiles with me!

Then, it was time to cross the finish line!

Coming in to the finish line... I think I could have run an additional 500 feet!


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