Hanging out at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science


I pick up my grandkid from pre-school camp 2-4 days a week. The camp is at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. After camp, we go for a snack, then roam the exhibits for an hour. It probably goes without saying that I know the exhibits pretty well by now!

We've watched every Infinity (IMax) movie!

Many exhibits are a kaleidoscope of colors!

Infrared! One of the reasons I wear a hat is that my head (and nose) and fingers are always cold!!

There are 9 or so gnomes hidden in the museum, some the "signatures" of diorama painters. Can you find this one? Below is a close-up.

Here's another gnome, on the back of a dinosaur! I won't tell where!

The dioramas have eye-popping detail. Note the "dust" being raised by these running antelope.

The best view of downtown Denver and the Front Range, from the 4th floor of the Museum.

There are also lectures available to the public. Some are... a bit technical.

Other lectures are designed for a general audience


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