A mass of skin... and humanity

There is nothing like a beach to give you insight into a number of important issues:

1) The places you forget to put sunscreen on.  Our bodies have lots of bends and corners, and the sun will find all of them, like it or not (and you won’t like it). I’m currently sporting a wonderful raccoon mask, thanks to my sunglasses and my failure to use enough sunscreen on my face.

2) The ocean has both a high and low tide.  Putting your towel down on the sand in a great spot near the water can result in a surprise as the tide rises.  Especially if you are a woman laying on your stomach, eyes closed, with your top unfastened.  I was polite enough not to take a photo.

There were walls covered with ceramic designs having a marine theme.

3) Compared to Utah, there was a LOT more skin exposed, for both men and women.  I estimated about 10,000 people on the beach.  How?  You count 100, then extrapolate that bolus of humanity across the entire area.  That’s a lot of people, and thus a lot of skin.  This was a Saturday just before Christmas (in the Southern Hemisphere), so the beach was CROWDED.  It is weird seeing a sun worshipper wearing less material than my sock, on the beach next to a person wearing an ankle to wrist to top of head outfit, especially when some of those wearing little were only wearing it south of the border.

4) Ice cream after a day at the beach seems like a good idea, no matter what universe you are from.  At Bondi Beach, there was even a plant-based ice cream store for vegetarians!

Katelin enjoying frozen yougart mixed with fruit.



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