Deck 12 - Celebrity Solstice

Looking over the outdoor pools on Deck 12 at night.

Caroline and I have struggled with how to capture the experience on a cruise ship in pictures and words.  There are so many grand spaces like the theater and the main dining area/ballroom, plus many smaller rooms and activities, including a library, an interactive XBox game room, casino, and a basketball court.

Quiet time on Deck 5
This is a “sea day” as we sail toward Brisbane.  Caroline is working, and I’m in a quiet lounge on Deck 5 overlooking the stern and having a breakfast of a variety of cheeses, fresh fruit, mini bagels, and smoked salmon.  I’m really here because I can get a cappuccino in this lounge!  In Logan, I tend to walk around with a coffee mug glued to my hand, so you know my affinity for the coffee bean!  An added luxury is that this lounge is QUIET!  WIth 2800 plus guests on board, the background (and foreground) noise is constant.  In the dining room, it is difficult to hear the person next to you at times.  So cappuccino plus quiet... a winning combination.

I’ve decided to try to tell the story of the Celebrity Solstice by describing it deck by deck.  Guests don’t have access to the decks below 3 except for getting to the gangway and to the medical wing.  Caroline works on Deck 2, so I walk just enough of the hallway nicknamed the “I-95” to visit her in the dialysis treatment area.

Today, I’m going to describe Deck 12.  Our stateroom is the size of a college dorm room, so we don’t spend a lot of time in it.  We spend a lot more time on Deck 12.  This is where you find the exercise facility, gym classes, 1 indoor and 2 outdoor pools, loads of lounge chairs, the “healthy” cafe, jacuzzis, and the luxury spa facilities (massages, various rejuvenation and beauty treatments, and hair styling).  My body could probably use it, but I don’t take advantage of the spa treatments.  I do use the lockers and showers here after exercising, however.  That way I don’t wake Caroline if she is taking a nap in our room after her shift.  

So this morning I delivered a coffee to Caroline at 5:30 in the dialysis center, visited with her for an hour, then went to the gym, where I lifted weights and ran a 5K on the treadmill.  The ship had a slight rock to it, so I had to hold on to the railing on the treadmill to make sure I didn’t fall off.  

The captain is making his daily announcement as I write this.  The outside temperature is 81 degrees F right now, and the water temperature is 84 degrees.  He also just announced that he is going to visit the Australian Zoo in Brisbane and take the VIP tour so he can feed the tigers.  He said this could be interpreted in 2 ways, so if he doesn’t come back, we will know he interpreted “feeding” incorrectly.  He’s a funny guy!

 Okay, back to Deck 12.  Below are some photos to give you a sense of this important part of the ship.

Indoor pool in the Solarium... adults only.

Treadmills, exercise bikes, free weights, and more.

Foyer for spa treatments.

There are 2 outdoor pools. 

There are 6 public jacuzzis.

There is 1 cafe with light and healthy breakfast and lunch options on Deck 12.

There are many hide-a-way spots like this throughout the ship.

Daily dance lessons on Deck 12.

Floor plan for Deck 12.


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