Brisbane is a fun city for cycling!

We had to have at least 1 ride while we were both wearing our jerseys from Al's Sporting Goods!

We've enjoyed our visits to Brisbane.  We like to rent bikes at Bike Obsession and ride along the Brisbane River.

Great service and bikes at Bike Obsession! Recommended if you visit!

Caroline planned out a 50K ride, and the weather cooperated.  We were worried that the ongoing Commonwealth Games would cause the traffic to spike, but we had the luxury of having the bike paths to ourselves most of the time, and even on the roads, traffic was light.

I missed recording some of the ride.  We made our grand loop, then took a City Cat ferry up the river to a raised boardwalk, then biked down that section as well. We ended our cycling with cruising on, I think, every sidewalk in the Botanic Gardens.

Sometimes your bike can travel without being pedaled!  The conductor joked with us because we continued to wear our bike helmets.  "The boat isn't that dangerous!" he said as he was laughing.

Great, well-maintained bikeways line the Brisbane River.

Now, this name is a mouthful!  "Go, Indooroopillys!"

This photo is just to prove that I am NOT overeating during the cruise!

We always try to find a unique cafe or coffeehouse for a pick-me-up cappuccino!


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