Signage, Chapter 1

Sign in lavatory of ultra-economy Jetstar flight to Sydney.

The main purpose of signs is to communicate, to send a message.  Here's a brief collection of some of the iconic or interesting signs I've photographed since December.

These eels are in the ponds of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. I'm guessing they were the inspiration for the "shrieking eels" in the movie, The Princess Bride.

Legal drinking age in Australia.

Where is it natural to show your love for the lawn?  Why, on the top deck of an ocean cruise liner, in this case, the Celebrity Solstice.  Nothing like laying on the lawn with no land in sight!

In Australia, they even ride their bikes on the wrong side of the bike paths!

In a Sydney bookstore.  Now you know why Australians are so laid back.

Left with the trash in Sydney.  I hope somebody snatched it and gave it a good home.  I love Ansel Adams' work.

Visitors sometimes complain that the reef at Hanauma Bay is dead.  They are so wrong!  The inner reef, where they probably are snorkeling, is a coralline algae reef (a limestone secreting algae).  The outer reef, however, is a rich coral reef with no fishing and no anchor damage for 50 years.  You have to be able to reach the coral reef, to see the coral reef.

Common sense not expected.  We will post signs and barriers to help you.

Absolutely fantastic local pineapples on Kauai.  At $1, this is the bargain of the century.

We all have a place!


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